The MR de Compostella 2013 was announced as the best overall winner of the inaugural Riscura Red Hot Wine Awards.  This is a 5-way Bordeaux style blend led by Cabernet Franc sourced from

Had to go to Wikipedia to learn about Taqueria’s:  “Taquería (pronounced: [takeɾ’ia]) is a Spanish word meaning taco shop or place that makes tacos.  As tacos are an integral part

Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines launched their new Solera-style Straw Wine recently.  The wine is the accumulation of 7 vintages (from 2008 to 2014):  Each vintage a barrel or two have

The name Franck Dangereux is synonymous with fine French cuisine – he put La Colombe on the fine dining map and when he opened his own restaurant called Foodbarn, things

We are late visitors to Babel at Babylonstoren; we have seen so many glowing reports about the beautiful gardens and gorgeous food  for the past year.  A visit by The

Know how & when to buy your tickets – now you have no excuse…    

Day 4 of our Chardonnay weekend dawned with the cold front looming on the horizon.  We started with a gin & tonic (just for some variety in our lives) and

Day 3 saw us suffering from a slight wine/chardonnay overload (if such a thing is possible) but that did not stop us starting festivities with another excellent example of the

Day 2 of our Chardonnay weekend in Paternoster dawned with no trace of the inclement weather predicted by the weather wizards.  Clear, crisp late mornings are ideal for Chardonnay.

We use any excuse to taste wine. This long weekend is no exception.  The Chardonnay category is very well represented in South Africa: From  the easy-drinking-competes-with-Sauvignon-Blanc -style to the over-the-top