The 25th of December has come and gone & left a few people in our house hung over after a little too much beer “tasting”. This did not stop us

The team from Batonagedotcom is on holiday, but that does not mean that good wine is forgotten.  We will be posting the most memorable wines from our (too brief) vacation

Craig Hawkins is probably the bravest man in the South African wine industry; sticking to his guns and wine making philosophy, going where the grapes take him and adding as

Yesterday saw the release of the first Single Vineyard wines made by Keermont.  Their white blend, the Keermont Terrasse, is a firm favourite but until yesterday we have never visited

We’ve never mentioned Chef’s Warehouse on these pages; what do you say about your local “go-to” place?  Situated just around the corner from our office, we’ve spent a good few

When you get invited to a vertical Pinot Noir tasting hosted by Jan Boland Coetzee, you drop everything and go.  No month-end deadlines, demanding bank managers or red tape ensconced

Following on from our Grenache post of last week, here’s the first of our Grenache reviews.  A rosé nogal. I know most of you will wonder why we bother. Rosé

Us humans sure are a competitive lot.  We’ve had to be; out-evolving the Neanderthals, getting rid of those pesky mammals who were a threat to Homo Sapiens – all competition.

As described in the preceding article – we spent last weekend geeking up on wine at The Swartland Revolution. The first weekend in November has become synonymous with tasting, drinking

This was going to be our last Swartland Revolution; for the foreseeable future.  It was time to give it a rest, 5 years in a row is long enough… The