The places we eat, drink and stay at: Steenberg

The Red Wine Romp held at Catharina’s Restaurant at Steenberg was the perfect occasion to revisit one of our favourite hotels and wine farms.  The concept was simple:  Celebrate the great red

The places we stay at: Bonne Esperance Studio Apartments

We regularly visit Stellenbosch and more often than not wine is involved, leaving us with the dilemma of finding accommodation that is unfortunately, due to the popularity of the town,

Jordan Wine Estate, best known for their excellent range of wines, recently unveiled their beautiful suites to the public. The best word to describe it, would simply be “luxury”. We

We visited the restaurant at Mo & Rose in March of 2013, as guests of the Robertson Wine Valley and we were so impressed that we vowed to spend more

My love affair with Franschhoek Country House & Villas and their on-site restaurant Monneaux, started in the late 90’s.  A client took me to dinner at Monneaux on a horrible

One cannot adequately translate the meaning of the Flemish word “Avondrood” as no single phrase can capture that perfect moment of romance, that final breath before the sun finally sets

A gift certificate for High tea at the Mount Nelson was the small incentive we needed to book a night in Cape Town’s best known hotel.  We have visited the

The final stop on our wonderful Stellenbosch Bucket List journey was Webersburg – and the only thing we knew about Webersburg was that we were staying over, so they must

Our Stellenbosch Bucket List journey continued with a first-ever visit to Brenaissance Wine and Stud Farm, set in the beautiful Devon Valley. The farm (previously named High Mead) was purchased

The La Mouette Twitterati party in the sweltering December heat produced massive hangovers in Casa Batonage interspersed by that happy fuzziness that winning something produces: A gift voucher for an