Celebrating older South African Wines

By a happy coincidence, our Sunday “church” wine tasting theme fit in perfectly with Heritage Day celebrations:  Older South African Wines.  The question was: Do they age?  The answer?  YES.

Batonage explores Bordeaux 2009

We recently had the good fortune to recently attend a tasting of Bordeaux’s 2009 vintage: A ripe, generous and warm vintage.  Some of the highlights: The Chateau Doisy-Daëne is set

The wines we drink: Le Lude MCC

In an era where so many producers view bubbly as a “cash cow” and a must-have because they host celebratory events and “people demand it”, it is refreshing to come

The wines we drink: Cork vs Screw cap

There are pros and cons to any wine closure; some are based in scientific fact, others are based on consumer perception.  We decided to put together a tasting to compare

The wines we drink: Naudé Old Vines Range.

We have written about our regard for the Naudé White before but the Board of Directors and Ian Naudé at Adoro Wines are not resting on their laurels; they have just released

The places we eat, drink and stay at: Steenberg

The Red Wine Romp held at Catharina’s Restaurant at Steenberg was the perfect occasion to revisit one of our favourite hotels and wine farms.  The concept was simple:  Celebrate the great red

The MR de Compostella 2013 was announced as the best overall winner of the inaugural Riscura Red Hot Wine Awards.  This is a 5-way Bordeaux style blend led by Cabernet Franc sourced from

Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines launched their new Solera-style Straw Wine recently.  The wine is the accumulation of 7 vintages (from 2008 to 2014):  Each vintage a barrel or two have

Day 4 of our Chardonnay weekend dawned with the cold front looming on the horizon.  We started with a gin & tonic (just for some variety in our lives) and

Day 3 saw us suffering from a slight wine/chardonnay overload (if such a thing is possible) but that did not stop us starting festivities with another excellent example of the