The places we eat, drink and stay at: Steenberg

The Red Wine Romp held at Catharina’s Restaurant at Steenberg was the perfect occasion to revisit one of our favourite hotels and wine farms.  The concept was simple:  Celebrate the great red

The places we eat at: Pot Luck Club

We first visited the Pot Luck Club a few years ago in its original incarnation adjacent to the Test Kitchen.  We have on occasion visited the Pot Luck Club at the

The places we eat at: The Dining Room

Being encouraged to bring your own wine to a restaurant is already a huge PLUS in our eyes, so when friends invited us to join them at The Dining Room we jumped

Had to go to Wikipedia to learn about Taqueria’s:  “Taquería (pronounced: [takeɾ’ia]) is a Spanish word meaning taco shop or place that makes tacos.  As tacos are an integral part

The name Franck Dangereux is synonymous with fine French cuisine – he put La Colombe on the fine dining map and when he opened his own restaurant called Foodbarn, things

We are late visitors to Babel at Babylonstoren; we have seen so many glowing reports about the beautiful gardens and gorgeous food  for the past year.  A visit by The

A torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the

We love the slow upgrade of Bree Street; especially the added meal options available over lunch time.  Inside & You’re Out is the new kid on the block; burgers are

The genius that is Chef George Jardine has been operating quietly under the populist culinary radar at Jordan Restaurant ever since he moved his operation to the Stellenbosch Estate.  His

This weekend we had the unexpected pleasure of discovering a culinary treasure in McGregor called Karoux.  Small, sleepy towns off the beaten path are not usually renowned for their culinary marvels, no